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run like a rock star

November 29, 2009


I love that there is this one woman in a sea of men totally kicking ass.

The New York Marathon was early this month. The 19 mile marker is just a few blocks from my home. We try and pop down a few times throughout the day. It’s exciting to watch when the street becomes filled with this huge herd of people. But then there is something so enduring when you go in the later hours and the stragglers are slowly passing by. They seem so desperate for the end to finally come. So my husband and I like to cheer them on. The sweetest thing is that a lot of them will thank us for hanging around. It makes me sad that more people aren’t out.

Perhaps this will only be funny to me but this year I made a sign that on one side said Run Like A Rock Star and on the other side said Go Graycen. When we were last out a few different stragglers commented about the Go Graycen. It seems they thought we were out, waiting for Graycen. I didn’t have the heart to say – well that would be my son, this guy here in the stroller.

Go Graycen


New York marathon (2009)




home decor: our hallway

November 28, 2009

We’re just days away from December which begins the countdown to the best holiday ever – my birthday! It also begins the countdown to my moms visit. It’s something I look forward to all year long. The thing is, every December when she visits I roll out my laundry list of projects that I want to tackle and at least every year there is something house related. Last year we re-painted the entryway and covered the front door in chalkboard paint which I posted about here. This year I have two projects planned though I’m not certain we’ll get to both.

A few Decembers back we hung wallpaper in the hallway. The paper is decadent and spot on Euro-glam. I wasn’t certain it would work but it does and I love it. The pattern is pretty busy and what I love most is that from the living room just a sliver of the wall is visible and you see this yummy wall draped in pretty paper. We only did one side since I felt doing both walls in such a narrow space would be a bit much. I think it works except the other wall is still the original wall color from when we moved it. It’s a boring blah vanilla beige. I’m still mulling over paint chips but I’m thinking a milky chocolate brown to match the main color of the wallpaper. I’m not going for an exact match, just a good match if that makes sense. My only dilemma is that the hallway will be really dark if I go that route which is fine on one had but the hallway leads to our bedroom which is painted this deep charcoal gray so it’s sorta like dark space leading into dark space. If we had ample lighting in our home I think it would be less of an issue.

Here go a few images I found of random things that capture a bit of the space in it’s present form. The colors of the wallpaper are probably most true in the first image.

our entryway

And here go a few of the colors I have narrowed it down to. I think I’m digging the middle paint chip, color 8766 the most (second from the bottom).

paint chips

paint chips

let the holidays begin

November 27, 2009

TV Dinner Cupcakes vis BlackEiffel

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I tried a few new recipes and made my first ever turkey. That’s like big time, people!! And it was delish. I spent the rest of the evening doing holiday cards. It was really one of the best Thanksgivings I’ve had in years. 

I’m off to do a bit of holiday shopping. If you’re out there doing the same I hope you’re finding great deals.

obsession haunting

November 19, 2009

I haven’t spoken about my obsession with birdcages lately but it still exists. Hopefully some day soon I’ll stop dreaming and just take the plunge.

source of image unknown

And subway tile, I’m obsessed with that too.


source of image unknown

I have a love for pony hair as well.

stool from Horchow

hotel find: santa monica

November 17, 2009

Excuse me while I drool a bit over this hotel. Did I mention I love bold colors?

Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica

Viceroy Santa Monica, Library

Viceroy Santa Monica, Bar

hotel find: italy

November 15, 2009

I use to be an avid traveler. Then I had a child and traveling become obsolete – but before that happened I had a thing for hotels. Well, I still have a thing for hotels I just have less use for them. Hopefully someday that will change and I’ll go back to being a jet setter. And when that change comes along, I would love to pop into the B-Lounge at the Barcelo Raval Hotel in Italy for cocktails.

This place makes hot pink look really really chic.

Beautiful Living - Hotel Barcelo Raval

Hotel Barcelo Raval

B Lounge at the Barcelo Raval Hotel

B Lounge at the Barcelo Raval Hotel

Beautiful Living - Italy Hotels

Hotel Barcelo Raval, Italy

more home decor yummies

November 10, 2009

I stumbled upon this image a while back but even now it makes me swoon. The tufted couch, the muted colors with that moment of pop. I’d love to spend an evening in that room, on that couch, gabbing with some good girlfriends.


traditional, aqua, plum, built ins, chandelier

source of image unknown




November 9, 2009

I think I should keep on this topic of decor since my brain is really unable to focus on much else right now. I’m a complete sucker for tufted couches and headboards. I don’t think I could ever really own a tufted couch but perhaps someday I’ll have a tufted headboard or bench because damn it (!!) I want my small piece of glamorous.

Love this! The color, the print, the pop of bright flowers, the tufted couch that screams cozy.

Beautiful Living cream, gray, tufted couch

source of image Elle Decor

Beautiful Living creams, gray, tufted couch

source of image unknown

mixing things up

November 8, 2009

It’s finally happened. I’m once again fixated with making some changes in our homes decor. Mostly things I’ve wanted to update for a while but somehow was able to see them as “someday” projects. But now the someday part is starting to feel like, “can we do this now – PLEASE.”

Would it be terrible foolish of me to sell our dinning room table and chairs at a price that would allot us the fortune of purchasing another table (but not the chairs). I’m sure somehow I’ll figure out a way to justify it.

Can you tell my brain works in inappropriate ways? Lets move on, anyone out there working on some good projects? Feel free to make me green with envy.

Blue is my favorite color and it has appeared in every space I’ve had the pleasure of decorating since my youth. This color is very similar to a color I have in my home right now. Don’t you love how it’s paired with the distresses floors. Pretty.

image via Best of Germany magazine

image via Best of Germany magazine

tweet, tweet

November 1, 2009

I love little girls in dresses.. and I love them in tights.. and bloomers. And this dress by All The Numbers makes me melt. I think it would make a perfect, yet slightly untraditional, holiday dress. It has a bit of black, a splash of red, a perfectly lovely dove but none of that same old same old plaid or checks.

Adorable, no?

etsy shopping, dress by All The Numbers

etsy shopping, dress by All The Numbers


tweet, tweet