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When my mother and I get together for some girl time, inevitably we find ourselves misbehaving. A few years back I convinced my mom that we had to purchase last minute tickets on a flight to Spain. The price was too good to pass up. During negotiations between “will we go.. won’t we go” I did a bad thing. I lied to my mother and swore I could find us a cheap hotel. That lie caught up with me and in the end we found ourselves exploring hostels. We’re not the sort of girls that normally stay at such establishments. Yet, we did. Our last two nights in glorious Spain were spent in Madrid, in a hostel, with two twin beds. I know it’s very European (and I love things that are European) but to me an adult in a twin bed is just silly. But please, allow me to recap this wonderful mother daughter trip.

Go on shopping frenzy that results in an overload of goodies. In your state of madness purchase heavy pots that seem like a brilliant idea but later realize the brilliance of such a purchase was only momentary. Purchase new luggage to contain all your new marvels. Travel cross-country by train with said new items. Sweat, pant and wonder what the hell you were thinking when you purchased so-much-stuff. Arrive at hostel with new heavy luggage that seems even heavier as the minutes pass. Look for check-in counter. Realize the check-in counter is on the second floor of an old walkup building. Huff and puff up two flights of stairs. Sputter a mouth full of colorful language. Reach the damn check-in counter (out of breath). Begin sulking when you hear that your room is one flight up. Elevator? Still not an option!! Huff, puff and curse up a third flight of stairs with new, bigger luggage that now weighs a ton. Dream of smacking someone (perhaps yourself) with that pot you insisted on purchasing. Reach room and collapse on bed from exhaustion. Hear loud pop and allow the look of horror to settle in. You just broke the bed.

Oh, the thought (and laughter)! An adult in a twin bed is just silly but two adult women in ONE twin bed is bad comedy. That’s how we slept for two nights because the only thing worse then a cheap hostel is having to pay the hostel for their crappy bed that you broke. 

I feel like my life is a comedy of errors. One could see that as a bad thing but the silver lining is that I get to laugh a lot and laughter does make things better. I have a fun filled life and that’s something I want visible in my home. Recently my mother and I painted the interior side of our entryway door with chalkboard paint. It’s fun and unexpected yet it still flows well with my modern home. I absolutely love it!

Beautiful Living - Entryway

Beautiful Living - Entryway



Beautiful Living: Entryway Door in Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint

Beautiful Living: Entryway Door in Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint



I have these visions of my son drawing me a masterpiece one day. We don’t own any chalk as of yet and in truth my son is still a bit too young to get it. Needless, I am totally smitten with the end result. And to boot, the door is metal so it doubles as a magnetic board. As you can see, I’ve added a small selection of photos to display; each one is dear to me in some way.

I thought it also might be helpful to share a floor plan of our space. Hopefully things will make better sense as I begin to talk about all the things I want to do. You can see that our entryway door is visible from the kitchen/living room/and dinning room.

Floor Plan

Beautiful Living: Floor Plan

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6 Responses to “home decor: entryway”

  1. ashley Says:

    What a great place to use chalkboard paint! Can you use those gel pens (like they use at Starbucks) on that kind of paint? That could be a lot less messy than chalk if it would work.

    What paint color did you use in the entry way? It’s making me second-guess the new blue I picked for our bedroom… 😉

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    In the end I was so happy with what we did. I’ve gathered a few suggestions on chalk and will definitely add gel pens to the list.

    I think you’ll understand me when I say… now my mind is debating back and forth about what is worthy of being written on the door (or drawn). It’s like I just can’t go out buy chalk and make a bunch of doodles. I really needn’t over think these things. There isn’t beauty in that but my brain wants everything to be “just so.”

    I’ll need to check the can of paint for the color but I seem to think it’s BM Grand Rapids Flat paint. It’s a true baby blue. It was not the color I had imagined – I was going for something different so that bummed me out but I do love it. For me, paint is so hard to get right.

  3. Mrslimestone Says:

    Love it! What great fun for your son to be able to draw on the door when the time comes.

    I have a magnetic chalkboard on the inside of my pantry door. I even bought some fancy chalk markers to use on it. Do you know I still haven’t used it? I keep forgetting its there 🙂 One day it will actually come in handy 🙂

  4. Liz (cubbear) Says:

    Love this idea!

  5. beautifuliving Says:

    Fancy chalk markers? What makes them fancy… oh gee, you say fancy and have me sold on wanting a set. But I have a feeling you know what the good stuff is.

  6. home decor: our hallway « Says:

    […] year we re-painted the entryway and covered the front door in chalkboard paint which I posted about here. This year I have two projects planned though I’m not certain we’ll get to […]

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