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home decor: paint

September 4, 2010

Back to our mini makeover. I have to admit that I’m really lost on paint ideas. On one hand I see this as an opportunity to go in a new direction. I like our blue walls but I have this chance to change it up. It’s exciting to think we might be able to transform the space through paint.

via Martha Stewart, Deputy Decorating Editor Rebecca Robertson

I have never ever painted a room white BUT I’ve been giving it serious consideration. With the right art I think the white will actually make a great statement. Now I don’t actually own any amazing art, and I don’t think our penny budget is going to allow for any great art purchases.

my favorite oil painting, me and my brother

On the upside, I did manage to snag two of my favorite oil painting when I was at my mother’s house (above). My current dilemma (now that they are in our home) is that I’ve realize they aren’t as large as I imagined them. And I’m whishy washy over the frames but they are the original frames and I see these paintings as family heirlooms so I don’t know if I want to change them.

If I did go with color paint it would probably be blue (again). Maybe darker this time? Or much much lighter? If you hadn’t noticed, I puffy heart love-love-love blue.

Are there any colors you’ve always wanted to see in your home? Or better yet, what color is your space? And do you love it?


home decor: hallway

February 28, 2010

Back in December we painted our hallway. We being my mother and I. Its become our December ritual. She comes for my birthday and during her week long stay I find something to paint and thus slowly all the walls in my home are getting beautified. You may recall that I posted about it briefly here when I was looking at paint swatches. I wanted a really milky chocolate but everyone kept steering me towards a lighter pallet. Fortunately I’ve realized I prefer richer colors and went with my gut feeling. I’m so happy with how it turned out and the color really pairs well with our wallpaper.

Please ignore the $3 light fixture. I’ve been searching for the last year and still nothing makes me swoon. Some day…

our hallway

Wondering, should I paint the doors? Perhaps a gloss black.

home decor: our hallway

November 28, 2009

We’re just days away from December which begins the countdown to the best holiday ever – my birthday! It also begins the countdown to my moms visit. It’s something I look forward to all year long. The thing is, every December when she visits I roll out my laundry list of projects that I want to tackle and at least every year there is something house related. Last year we re-painted the entryway and covered the front door in chalkboard paint which I posted about here. This year I have two projects planned though I’m not certain we’ll get to both.

A few Decembers back we hung wallpaper in the hallway. The paper is decadent and spot on Euro-glam. I wasn’t certain it would work but it does and I love it. The pattern is pretty busy and what I love most is that from the living room just a sliver of the wall is visible and you see this yummy wall draped in pretty paper. We only did one side since I felt doing both walls in such a narrow space would be a bit much. I think it works except the other wall is still the original wall color from when we moved it. It’s a boring blah vanilla beige. I’m still mulling over paint chips but I’m thinking a milky chocolate brown to match the main color of the wallpaper. I’m not going for an exact match, just a good match if that makes sense. My only dilemma is that the hallway will be really dark if I go that route which is fine on one had but the hallway leads to our bedroom which is painted this deep charcoal gray so it’s sorta like dark space leading into dark space. If we had ample lighting in our home I think it would be less of an issue.

Here go a few images I found of random things that capture a bit of the space in it’s present form. The colors of the wallpaper are probably most true in the first image.

our entryway

And here go a few of the colors I have narrowed it down to. I think I’m digging the middle paint chip, color 8766 the most (second from the bottom).

paint chips

paint chips