how fun

September 9, 2010

All images via At Casa. Interior designer Ghislaine Viñas.


midweek eye candy

September 8, 2010

via via Belle Maison

Is it apparent yet that I love wallpaper? I’ve been obsessed with it for about 10 years and was hanging it in my home long before decor blogs were drooling over the stuff. I think the way they hung this wallpaper in two different directions is pretty clever. I of course adore the chair for all the color and pop it brings to the space. Love it even more for having a fringe trim.

The other thing I really really like – the convex mirrors. Now I keep hearing people say “I purchased some cheap convex mirrors.” Which leads me to this question, where do you purchase cheap convex mirrors? Cause I would really love a set and I can’t find them “cheap.”

home decor: paint

September 4, 2010

Back to our mini makeover. I have to admit that I’m really lost on paint ideas. On one hand I see this as an opportunity to go in a new direction. I like our blue walls but I have this chance to change it up. It’s exciting to think we might be able to transform the space through paint.

via Martha Stewart, Deputy Decorating Editor Rebecca Robertson

I have never ever painted a room white BUT I’ve been giving it serious consideration. With the right art I think the white will actually make a great statement. Now I don’t actually own any amazing art, and I don’t think our penny budget is going to allow for any great art purchases.

my favorite oil painting, me and my brother

On the upside, I did manage to snag two of my favorite oil painting when I was at my mother’s house (above). My current dilemma (now that they are in our home) is that I’ve realize they aren’t as large as I imagined them. And I’m whishy washy over the frames but they are the original frames and I see these paintings as family heirlooms so I don’t know if I want to change them.

If I did go with color paint it would probably be blue (again). Maybe darker this time? Or much much lighter? If you hadn’t noticed, I puffy heart love-love-love blue.

Are there any colors you’ve always wanted to see in your home? Or better yet, what color is your space? And do you love it?

fhoto friday

September 3, 2010

outside the jewish museum, new york

details outside the jewish museum

Frankly, I enjoy museums the most when I am sans child. It’s an excursion I like to take in without having to entertain, or watch over, a rambunctious (almost) three year old.

When Graycen was away at Camp Grandma my husband and I were able to make it to the Jewish Museum. The building has a lot going on and busy doesn’t even begin to explain the detailing and craftsmanship. Definitely worth soaking in.

midweek eye candy

September 1, 2010

interiors by kimberly ayres

I love just about everything in this snipit of a room. The gorgeous curtains and that shade of blue, the wallpaper, the glittering frame and the lamp.

good reading

August 30, 2010

Treasures of home décor abound at flea markets, thrift shops, and garage sales. But how do you know a find when you find it?

In The Find, Stan Williams and some of today’s most clever style makers, including Simon Doonan, John Derian, and Real Simple’s Kristin van Ogtrop–all diehard devotees of New York City’s Housing Works–show not just what to look for, but also how to look at an object to identify a great piece.

book recommendation - The Find

I’m extremely picky about decor books. It’s hard for me to find a book that has a balance of beautiful images and good stuff to read. I was hesitant to purchase The Find: The Housing Works Book of Decorating with Thrift Shop Treasures, Flea Market Objects, and Vintage Details.

Truthfully, the cover image is what sucked me in. Now that I’ve had a chance to begin reading it I can confirm that the content is just as good as the photography. I think I’ve mention that I’m not a thriftier but this book has made me want to be a thriftier. Shockingly, I’ve even begun to venture into a few shops and that’s a huge feat.

I’m almost done with the book and it’s been a great read. Lots of information in snippits – reminds me of a magazine and magazine reading is some of my favorite.

home decor: mini makeover

August 29, 2010

water damaged wall

I never mentioned it but back in April we got a leak. That nasty little leak sprung in six areas causing minor damages to four walls. Repairs have left patches of white plaster in both the living room and entry way. Initially, the most upsetting thing was that I’d need to repaint our entire space. I hate painting.. it’s always an exciting project at first but towards the end it just seems tedious. Clean-up is the worst!!


Mentally, the leak was draining. Our space was finally at a place where I was happy. I felt like the biggest purchases were behind us. I was more then happy with the results and all that was left to do was some accessorizing. The thought of having to repaint made me feel like I was back at step one. Then something happened and I have no idea what it was but after a few weeks of sulking – I started to get excited about the prospect of painting. I mean, it’s like an opportunity for a “do over.” There isn’t much I want to do over (or so I thought) and well, now I had my excuse to tell the husband we were making some changes to our décor. In some funny cosmic crazy way my husband was like “ok.”

In my world that’s like the sky parting and angles singing.

more water damage in the corner of the wall

The first time I decorated I went about it all the wrong way. I’ve discussed those issues before both here and here. The dinning room table that I hate. The couch that was too large so I ended up returning it two years later. I always wish I would have planned the space out before decorating and I wish I had given more thought to art work. I’ve learned A LOT from all my fumbles and I’m going to try and use those mistakes as a foundation for being a better designer this second time around.

I’m giving myself nine to twelve months to complete this mini-makeover. One of the many things I’ve learned is that the best things come to you over time. I also need to put lighting at the top of my list. It’s always been on my list but in four years it’s managed to simply stay on my list, never getting crossed off. I’ve finally added some lights to our bedroom and I’ve realized the impact good lighting can have on a space. I also think I’m going to finally change out our dinning room table. I have some new ideas that I’m excited about.. just need to find a table that makes my heart skip a beat.

I have lots of ideas and I need to narrow down those ideas. I need this to be well thought out and I need to be budget conscious. And for once I’m excited about the challenge of attempting to make an amazing space with just a few pennies.

Anyone else in the throws of a makeover? Or still getting their space “just right”?

fhoto friday

August 27, 2010

I use to take a lot of photos, getting a kick out of using an average camera while trying to get an amazing photo. If I could conquer the task then it meant, for me, that I had some talent. I don’t really take photos anymore but I want to change that. The plan is try and capture at least one photo each week.

News Stand, Lex and 86

Living in a busy city means that sometimes there is so much going on that you become oblivious to what’s there. I pass this news stand on the corner of Lex and 86th every week. But the other weekend as I was making my way to H&M for some school shopping it was like I was seeing this news stand for the first time. Never had I noticed the burst of color it added to the street… and never had I noticed all the pigeons.

The color captivated me, the pigeons grossed me out. Apparently those pigeons are EVERYWHERE at that intersection.

that a’ girl

August 25, 2010

Lucy Liu via Harper's Bazaar

It’s as if you have to smile when you see this image. At least I do. It’s the kind of image that makes me remember how beautiful life is.

Even in chaos there is something to be fortunate about.

SHE design studio

August 24, 2010

In all honestly, I’m not certain where I’m going with this blog anymore. My initial intent was to share new things that I believed encompassed Beautiful Living. Things that hadn’t already appeared on ten other blogs I subscribe to on GoogleReader. Staying true to that has become harder and harder. I’m not ready to pack up and say good bye but I am acknowledging that I have steered away from my original intentions and that has me starting to rethink my purpose here.

Designing with the goal to dig deeper than what we first expect a product to be. Our aesthetical approach is to reach for subtle changes and taking use of the material to its fullest.

We love what we do and work hard to fulfil our own requirements that sometimes are more than what is possible and by doing so we can reach innovation.

SHE design studio