I think I should keep on this topic of decor since my brain is really unable to focus on much else right now. I’m a complete sucker for tufted couches and headboards. I don’t think I could ever really own a tufted couch but perhaps someday I’ll have a tufted headboard or bench because damn it (!!) I want my small piece of glamorous.

Love this! The color, the print, the pop of bright flowers, the tufted couch that screams cozy.

Beautiful Living cream, gray, tufted couch

source of image Elle Decor

Beautiful Living creams, gray, tufted couch

source of image unknown

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4 Responses to “glamorous”

  1. The Sale Rack Says:

    you should check out the headboards at ABC carpet–to die for.

  2. ew32766 Says:

    Second day in a row that I’ve commented, but I couldn’t NOT – that top picture is Elle Decor, I’m pretty sure. I know, because I’ve had it on my inspiration board for YEARS – I love the large, song lyrics artwork above the sofa. I bet you could tuft a headboard yourself!

  3. beautifuliving Says:

    See, I really need to see these inspiration folders. I promise to control my drooling. 😉

  4. SAJ Says:

    I’m with you on the tufted head board. I’m hoping to make that a reality myself one day.

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