mixing things up

It’s finally happened. I’m once again fixated with making some changes in our homes decor. Mostly things I’ve wanted to update for a while but somehow was able to see them as “someday” projects. But now the someday part is starting to feel like, “can we do this now – PLEASE.”

Would it be terrible foolish of me to sell our dinning room table and chairs at a price that would allot us the fortune of purchasing another table (but not the chairs). I’m sure somehow I’ll figure out a way to justify it.

Can you tell my brain works in inappropriate ways? Lets move on, anyone out there working on some good projects? Feel free to make me green with envy.

Blue is my favorite color and it has appeared in every space I’ve had the pleasure of decorating since my youth. This color is very similar to a color I have in my home right now. Don’t you love how it’s paired with the distresses floors. Pretty.

image via Best of Germany magazine

image via Best of Germany magazine

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2 Responses to “mixing things up”

  1. ew32766 Says:

    Not foolish at all, do it!!! I’d love to see what you come up with!

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    Your encouragement is evil (more, please)! 😉

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