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kitchen love

April 26, 2010

I keep hearing that a kitchen in marble is impracticle but I’m a pretty impracticle person so perhaps it’s right up my ally. This gorgeous kitchen is by St Charles of New York.

Kitchen by St Charles of New York

Kitchen by St Charles of New York


jonathan adler

April 25, 2010

Speaking of Jonathan Adler, I could hang out in his store on Madison Avenue daily and never got bored. The quarters are tight but who cares when everything is so scrumptious and delicious. And the staff is lovely and the music is usually jumping. See, I love it there. I really really do.

Which brings me to a few of his interiors. Swoon.

interior by jonathan adler

interior by Jonathan Adler

interior by Jonathan Adler

interior by Jonathan Adler

like peas in a pod

April 24, 2010

A nook for two, please.

A lovely space for two. Source of image unknown.

new to me

April 24, 2010
lanterns by Jonathan Adler

lanterns by Jonathan Adler

gift wrap by Jonathan Adler

I hadn’t realized that Jonathan Adler has a gift wrap line. I of course want a one roll (or two) of everything. Oh, and a lantern as well.

Such yummy stuff.

the beauty and chaos that is life

April 23, 2010

The most gorgeous tree in Newport, Rhode Island.

It’s been ages since I posted. Explaining that I’m crazy busy just seems repetitive (and obnoxious) at this point.

I went to Ohio earlier in the month and returned back to New York sans child. Oh (!!) the things you can get done in life without a two year old following you around. As much as I wanted to just sleep and chill my husband and I made it point to go out and explore. We hit up museums and galleries, a few beer gardens and even a steakhouse mid-week at 10pm. It was glorious.

Last month we found out that Graycen got accepted into a wonderful school and no sooner then we learned this news did our calendar fill up with social events. We attended our first cocktail part earlier in the month and next week we have a spring benefit.

And if I don’t already have too much going on, I went away last weekend to Rhode Island without husband or child. It was a perfect getaway in which I left New York with 30 strangers and returned to the city with several new friends.

I can definitely say that at present – life is very, very beautiful. I think tomorrow if it’s still breeze out we’ll go and fly kites.

View from the lawn at The Marble House. (Newport, Rhode Island)

The Cliffs (Newport, Rhode Island)

Tea House on the property of The Marble House.

A church I obsessed with. (Providence, Rhode Island)

fun stuff

April 12, 2010

via The High Hat, hats by Selima

I’m slowly becoming obsessed with headpieces. As if I need another thing to wish for… but when I get some money to blow I would love to go shopping at Selima.


April 3, 2010

Graycen in aww of the Easter bunny (2010)

I’m just getting back from a quick trip to Ohio. My parents live there and I took my son who will be staying with them for the week. That’s Graycen (above) with the Easter bunny at the local mall just down the street from my moms house. That look of horror on Graycen’s face is identical to the face that has greeted Santa the last two years. Ahh, but at lest he is consistent. These photo shoots always start out with me explaining to the photographer “he’s going to cry and it’s ok, just keep snapping.” I hope when he’s 32 he chuckles as much as the rest of us have.

What I love about my son is how upset he gets yet he never jumps down and runs away. You would think that in all his fear he would make a run for it, nope – not ever. He just sits there and takes the 16 seconds of mommy torture like a champ. I love him immensely and although I miss him I’m also having a wonderful time without him (I suspect that he must be feeling the same way). Grandma is a heck of a lot of fun and his daily routine has been amped up to enjoyment overload.

For those that celebrate, have a wonderful Easter.