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how fun

September 9, 2010

All images via At Casa. Interior designer Ghislaine ViƱas.


jonathan adler

April 25, 2010

Speaking of Jonathan Adler, I could hang out in his store on Madison Avenue daily and never got bored. The quarters are tight but who cares when everything is so scrumptious and delicious. And the staff is lovely and the music is usually jumping. See, I love it there. I really really do.

Which brings me to a few of his interiors. Swoon.

interior by jonathan adler

interior by Jonathan Adler

interior by Jonathan Adler

interior by Jonathan Adler

obsession haunting

November 19, 2009

I haven’t spoken about my obsession with birdcages lately but it still exists. Hopefully some day soon I’ll stop dreaming and just take the plunge.

source of image unknown

And subway tile, I’m obsessed with that too.


source of image unknown

I have a love for pony hair as well.

stool from Horchow

hotel find: santa monica

November 17, 2009

Excuse me while I drool a bit over this hotel. Did I mention I love bold colors?

Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica

Viceroy Santa Monica, Library

Viceroy Santa Monica, Bar