run like a rock star


I love that there is this one woman in a sea of men totally kicking ass.

The New York Marathon was early this month. The 19 mile marker is just a few blocks from my home. We try and pop down a few times throughout the day. It’s exciting to watch when the street becomes filled with this huge herd of people. But then there is something so enduring when you go in the later hours and the stragglers are slowly passing by. They seem so desperate for the end to finally come. So my husband and I like to cheer them on. The sweetest thing is that a lot of them will thank us for hanging around. It makes me sad that more people aren’t out.

Perhaps this will only be funny to me but this year I made a sign that on one side said Run Like A Rock Star and on the other side said Go Graycen. When we were last out a few different stragglers commented about the Go Graycen. It seems they thought we were out, waiting for Graycen. I didn’t have the heart to say – well that would be my son, this guy here in the stroller.

Go Graycen


New York marathon (2009)



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