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midweek eye candy

September 8, 2010

via via Belle Maison

Is it apparent yet that I love wallpaper? I’ve been obsessed with it for about 10 years and was hanging it in my home long before decor blogs were drooling over the stuff. I think the way they hung this wallpaper in two different directions is pretty clever. I of course adore the chair for all the color and pop it brings to the space. Love it even more for having a fringe trim.

The other thing I really really like – the convex mirrors. Now I keep hearing people say “I purchased some cheap convex mirrors.” Which leads me to this question, where do you purchase cheap convex mirrors? Cause I would really love a set and I can’t find them “cheap.”


midweek eye candy

September 1, 2010

interiors by kimberly ayres

I love just about everything in this snipit of a room. The gorgeous curtains and that shade of blue, the wallpaper, the glittering frame and the lamp.

black and white interiors

July 10, 2010

I’ve been thinking about redesigning my space which is another post for another day. As if I have the time or the money but I only mention it because while attempting to do some online research I randomly stumbled upon this beautiful home featured in Design New England. In one word it’s phenomenal!

Can we recap everything I love.. like the gold constitution mirror. I would really like to get my hands on one. And that green purse.. it’s delicious. I love the toys in the kitchen. It’s a kitchen that looks real and usable which is a fabulous departure from the cookie cutter kitchens I’m seeing way too much of. The bulls-eye floor in the bathroom is brilliant and the wallpaper is to die for. A seriously beautiful home designed by Weena & Spook.

bold color

June 2, 2010

images via pia ulin

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May 15, 2010

photography by sam mcadam

I have this pesky habit of surfing the net when suddenly, getting carried away, I start to add random nothings to my Bookmark page. Which could be great and helpful except – I rarely ever go back though my Bookmarks.


Tell me I’m not the only one. Tell me everyone has a 100 plus bookmarks where things have random names that leave them scratching their head. It’s awful, and annoying… and sigh.  I always think to myself, I gotta get better with this stuff. Like make clever folders with descriptive names that trigger understandable thoughts. I wanna be able to say “that’s what that is.”

It’s never going to happen, is it?

Moving on… Given my sudden abundance of free time I spent Friday night cleaning my Bookmarks. I made folders that aren’t perfect or even fully understandable, but I did ditch a slew of links that made no sense. I also found a bunch of beautiful things and even a few projects that are once again calling my name.

For the next several days I think I’ll share some of the better finds. I hope you enjoy! And if you decide to bookmark anything, perhaps make a better attempt to properly label everything. It’s either that or spend an exciting Friday night cleaning up your online clutter.

And by the use of the word exciting, I’m exaggerating.

The first four images (counting the one above) are by Sam McAdam. I love the collection of pretty bottles in an assortment of colors. The purple is wickedly lovely. I love what appears to be a drum. That is a drum, right? And the pretty wallpaper with the stacked luggage. Lots of goodness!

photography by sam mcadam

photo by sam mcadam

photo by sam mcadam

via vivian artists, hair by marco guglielmino

Have something good to share that’s been filed in your Bookmarks?

jonathan adler

April 25, 2010

Speaking of Jonathan Adler, I could hang out in his store on Madison Avenue daily and never got bored. The quarters are tight but who cares when everything is so scrumptious and delicious. And the staff is lovely and the music is usually jumping. See, I love it there. I really really do.

Which brings me to a few of his interiors. Swoon.

interior by jonathan adler

interior by Jonathan Adler

interior by Jonathan Adler

interior by Jonathan Adler