fhoto friday

I use to take a lot of photos, getting a kick out of using an average camera while trying to get an amazing photo. If I could conquer the task then it meant, for me, that I had some talent. I don’t really take photos anymore but I want to change that. The plan is try and capture at least one photo each week.

News Stand, Lex and 86

Living in a busy city means that sometimes there is so much going on that you become oblivious to what’s there. I pass this news stand on the corner of Lex and 86th every week. But the other weekend as I was making my way to H&M for some school shopping it was like I was seeing this news stand for the first time. Never had I noticed the burst of color it added to the street… and never had I noticed all the pigeons.

The color captivated me, the pigeons grossed me out. Apparently those pigeons are EVERYWHERE at that intersection.



One Response to “fhoto friday”

  1. ramada Says:

    why and how are you able to make a NYC stand pop so much with impact? You are truly talented.

    Pigeon poo is very poisonous btw

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