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August 22, 2010

getting ice cream

Summer is just about over and I feel a bit like I’ve abandoned by blog these last few months.

I spent the first half of summer working on a project that left me exhausted week after week. It was fun and exhilarating but EXHAUSTING!! Two months later when everything was wrapped up I spent a week zonked out on my couch. By the time I popped back up it was time to hop on a plane to sunny and hot Dayton, Ohio. After two days of gorging out on Americana (think Arby’s and Chick-fill-a) I returned to New York sans child. That started a week of endless social events.

Embarrassingly so, a week of nightly dinners with friends, food and booze left me.. exhausted.

As much I loved being back in the scene a week of heavy socializing left me, once again, glued to my couch. I spent my second weekend sans child at California Pizza Kitchen sitting with my husband in silence because at that point I was all talked out from the socializing. I even sipped on water for the entire meal because, as of present, margaritas make me a little sick.

I guess there is some to truth to having “too much of a good thing.”

We welcomed Graycen back on Friday!! I think I grinned like a crazy chester cat until the moment I saw him. Now, with only a few weeks left of summer I need to get organized. The little man starts school in September which has me seriously weepy.


August 13, 2010

I dream of the day I get to do a kitchen remodel. Our kitchen desperately needs it. Desperately! 

I will say that it’s definitely the least beautiful thing in my life… but it functions so I shouldn’t complain too much. For now I will continue to lose myself in pretty photos of gorgeous kitchens.   

love the handles

love this kitchen

don't you love it, too?

crafts: gift wrap

August 12, 2010

kraft paper gift wrap

gift for a little girl, from Graycen

We recently went to a birthday party empty handed. That’s what happens when your husband is in charge of getting a gift. Fortunate for him, they live in our building and were very understanding (at least more understanding then I was).

I wrapped this gift a few weeks after the party and for selfish reasons I have to say that wrapping a gift to drop off “after the party” is a lot less exciting.

I went pretty basic on this gift but I ended up really happy with the end result. A store where I purchase a lot of my wrappings will roll your paper in Kraft paper. I then recycled the Kraft paper by using it as the gift wrap. I finished it off with brown and white butchers twine by Martha Stewart. The animal cut out is also by Martha Stewart. I realize that these keep showing up a lot on my gifts but that’s because I love them immensely. I think they make the perfect gift tag and are a great substitute  for the lack of a greeting card. You might also notice that I hardly ever (almost never) give a gift with a card.

crafts: cute.. or not

August 9, 2010

recycled polka dot tissue paper

Well, they always say there is a first time for everything.

I guess you can say this was my “first.” I recently gave a gift and got a collective “OMG.” It just wasn’t the kind of OMG you want to hear. It was more like “OMG, who the fkk made that?”

Umm, that would be me. Opps!

I gave this gift at a baby shower for my coworker. I’m very fond of the fun house theme. That’s what I call it – Fun House. Apparently the other guests, like my boss, were calling it scary clown and saying things like “Who brings a scary clown to a shower.”

And to think I was brimming with pride when I showed up with my box.

fun house gift wrap...

or is it scary clown gift wrap?


I don’t know. I still stand by my piece. I think it’s fun as in FUN HOUSE. But maybe the collective fear in the room explains why this paper was on a deep discount when I bought it. 

I love how the red polka dots on the tissue paper mirror the polka dots on the wrapping paper. I love the red and white stripped twine from Martha Stewart and I love the navy blue against the bright white mixed with the curry yellow.

Tissue paper is recycled from a purchase at Anthro and wrapping paper is from Paper Source.

July 21, 2010

I have a thing right now for chairs that display a bit more character. Here go a few that caught my eye this weekend.

via Design Within Reach

photo by Melanie Acevedo, Domino, October 2006

photo by Simon Upton

via jonathan adler

sucker for ruffles

July 19, 2010

I love!

Calypso bag via India Rose

July 18, 2010

I have a bit too much on my plate right now. That seems to be my slogan this summer. Mostly I just feel beat (and hot).

What about you? Is your summer cruisin’ along at a better pace? Feel free to brag, I don’t mind. 🙂

July 15, 2010

There is something about this room that facinates me. And the couch on the left is very intriging. As much as I don’t love the pieces individually I do like the room. Odd.

via Design New England

shopping etsy

July 13, 2010

I think this would be adorable in a little girls room.

Etsy via The Love Shop

shopping etsy

July 12, 2010

How adorable is this equestrian riding helmet. Will someone please snatch this up! I’d love to buy it but….