SHE design studio

In all honestly, I’m not certain where I’m going with this blog anymore. My initial intent was to share new things that I believed encompassed Beautiful Living. Things that hadn’t already appeared on ten other blogs I subscribe to on GoogleReader. Staying true to that has become harder and harder. I’m not ready to pack up and say good bye but I am acknowledging that I have steered away from my original intentions and that has me starting to rethink my purpose here.

Designing with the goal to dig deeper than what we first expect a product to be. Our aesthetical approach is to reach for subtle changes and taking use of the material to its fullest.

We love what we do and work hard to fulfil our own requirements that sometimes are more than what is possible and by doing so we can reach innovation.

SHE design studio


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2 Responses to “SHE design studio”

  1. ew32766 Says:

    I love keeping up with you on Beautiful Living! My favorite posts are the ones about the things you’re doing in your own home. The projects you’re working on and ideas you want to see in your own space. If that helps, I think those are the items that make your blog special and unique.

  2. Seth Adores Jai Says:

    Ditto the comment before me. I know what you are feeling. I hope you don’t shut down your blog. It’s such a joy following you.

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