Graycen in aww of the Easter bunny (2010)

I’m just getting back from a quick trip to Ohio. My parents live there and I took my son who will be staying with them for the week. That’s Graycen (above) with the Easter bunny at the local mall just down the street from my moms house. That look of horror on Graycen’s face is identical to the face that has greeted Santa the last two years. Ahh, but at lest he is consistent. These photo shoots always start out with me explaining to the photographer “he’s going to cry and it’s ok, just keep snapping.” I hope when he’s 32 he chuckles as much as the rest of us have.

What I love about my son is how upset he gets yet he never jumps down and runs away. You would think that in all his fear he would make a run for it, nope – not ever. He just sits there and takes the 16 seconds of mommy torture like a champ. I love him immensely and although I miss him I’m also having a wonderful time without him (I suspect that he must be feeling the same way). Grandma is a heck of a lot of fun and his daily routine has been amped up to enjoyment overload.

For those that celebrate, have a wonderful Easter.


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One Response to “easter”

  1. tosha Says:

    that dude is what they call “paralyzed by fear”.. LOL.. i’m a friend of Natalie’s. i’m glad she showed me your blog! 😉

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