home decor: hallway

Back in December we painted our hallway. We being my mother and I. Its become our December ritual. She comes for my birthday and during her week long stay I find something to paint and thus slowly all the walls in my home are getting beautified. You may recall that I posted about it briefly here when I was looking at paint swatches. I wanted a really milky chocolate but everyone kept steering me towards a lighter pallet. Fortunately I’ve realized I prefer richer colors and went with my gut feeling. I’m so happy with how it turned out and the color really pairs well with our wallpaper.

Please ignore the $3 light fixture. I’ve been searching for the last year and still nothing makes me swoon. Some day…

our hallway

Wondering, should I paint the doors? Perhaps a gloss black.


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3 Responses to “home decor: hallway”

  1. Natalie Marshall Says:

    Hey Cuz…Love it!!! Would have done the same thing. Missing you very much.
    I think I will send you pics of my new home out here. 🙂

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    Come over now! 🙂 We totally miss you!!

  3. SAJ Says:

    Love the chocolate brown! And the doors would look uhamzing in a glossy black! go for it.

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