crafts: gift wrap

kraft paper gift wrap

gift for a little girl, from Graycen

We recently went to a birthday party empty handed. That’s what happens when your husband is in charge of getting a gift. Fortunate for him, they live in our building and were very understanding (at least more understanding then I was).

I wrapped this gift a few weeks after the party and for selfish reasons I have to say that wrapping a gift to drop off “after the party” is a lot less exciting.

I went pretty basic on this gift but I ended up really happy with the end result. A store where I purchase a lot of my wrappings will roll your paper in Kraft paper. I then recycled the Kraft paper by using it as the gift wrap. I finished it off with brown and white butchers twine by Martha Stewart. The animal cut out is also by Martha Stewart. I realize that these keep showing up a lot on my gifts but that’s because I love them immensely. I think they make the perfect gift tag and are a great substitute  for the lack of a greeting card. You might also notice that I hardly ever (almost never) give a gift with a card.


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