crafts: cute.. or not

recycled polka dot tissue paper

Well, they always say there is a first time for everything.

I guess you can say this was my “first.” I recently gave a gift and got a collective “OMG.” It just wasn’t the kind of OMG you want to hear. It was more like “OMG, who the fkk made that?”

Umm, that would be me. Opps!

I gave this gift at a baby shower for my coworker. I’m very fond of the fun house theme. That’s what I call it – Fun House. Apparently the other guests, like my boss, were calling it scary clown and saying things like “Who brings a scary clown to a shower.”

And to think I was brimming with pride when I showed up with my box.

fun house gift wrap...

or is it scary clown gift wrap?


I don’t know. I still stand by my piece. I think it’s fun as in FUN HOUSE. But maybe the collective fear in the room explains why this paper was on a deep discount when I bought it. 

I love how the red polka dots on the tissue paper mirror the polka dots on the wrapping paper. I love the red and white stripped twine from Martha Stewart and I love the navy blue against the bright white mixed with the curry yellow.

Tissue paper is recycled from a purchase at Anthro and wrapping paper is from Paper Source.


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2 Responses to “crafts: cute.. or not”

  1. Seth Adores Jai Says:

    oh no! Sorry your coworkers did not get your giftwrap. Personally I find clowns scary. I just don’t get them. I think it’s the makeup. But your paper does have a fun vibe and not a scary Stephen King vibe. Hopefully the gift was appreciated.

  2. Charissa - The Gifted Blog Says:

    Hilarious story! I have to agree that clowns are scary, but I love that you have a unique aesthetic and went all the way in coordinating this gift! Most baby shower gifts are in light blue or pink gift bags…so I like that you took a stand and showed your own point of view!

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