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crafts: what to do with the tea tin

February 18, 2010

cute tea tin

Back in April I wrote this post. You remember, right? The one about tea tins and my inability to part ways with a little tin I had picked up in London years ago. Well I have a desk now which means I have a true space for crafting. And because I know you’re are dying to hear all about what my first project was I’m back with my report.

Feel free to let out that sigh of relief.

Granted, I think it’s all pretty self explanatory. I covered one of the tins with fabulous paper, along with another tin I had gotten with a watch (again, something I picked-up many years ago). They are small enough that those random strips of scrapped wrapping paper now have a purpose. Which I love because I tend to adore the wrapping paper I purchase and now I get to keep a little bit for myself and have it on display in a useful way.

So there you have it, my dilemma of what to do with my tea tins has been solved. Something else that might be clever would be covering the tin in gorgeous paper and then using it as a flower vase. Sorta combining the two ideas I presented in my original post.

Tah-dah.. what do you think?

tea tin craft project



April 23, 2009

Ok, maybe using the word fate would be taking things a bit far but this is a true story. I think I’ve mentioned before that I can be a bit obsessive about paper products and such. I also get this way with things I deem “pretty.” It’s a random and bad bad habit but that’s me. It just is what it is, you know?

Well, I’ve been holding on to a few random things in my kitchen cabinets because they are “too pretty” to trash. Things we don’t use, things we don’t need. It’s crazy because I’m a minimalist at heart but certain things I can’t part with.. too pretty. Yet, my sons assortment of food is getting bigger and bigger so I needed the space but I still couldn’t part with everything. Now, I’m not a hot tea drinker but through my husband we’ve managed to collect several hot tea sort of things. Like two tins from our travels to London that had loose tea in them. They are too cute and the top has this raised seal – no way could I just dump ‘em. See, this is it… cute, right! 

cute tea tin

cute tea tin


I won’t even mention the part about the trip to London being about 4 years ago and how the tea was still sealed into the tins. We never opened them and even if we had the tea wasn’t fresh anymore. But I’ve kept them because they are adorable, you feel me. Well I finally took them out of the cupboard and snapped some photos cause I wanted to see if you folks had any ideas on how I could reuse the tins that I refuse to dump and then… it happened… I saw this photo while perusing through on old Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. (Summer 2006)

via Martha Stewart

via Martha Stewart

It’s fate, right? And such an adorable idea, don’t you think? Also, it seems I’m not the only one thinking about pretty tea tins. While trying to hunt down an online photo of this image I came across this recent post by decor8. Nice to see I’m not the only one holding onto pretty tins.