gift wrap: bright happy green

A coworker recently asked me if I would wrap a gift for her and OMG (!!) I felt completely smitten that someone *wanted* me to wrap for them. Have I mentioned that this is my dream job – wrapping gifts for people. I have seriously spent many nights trying to figure out how to make gift wrapping my career. I digress…

The gift was for her husband so I went with a happy grass green polka dot paper from the Container Store. I skipped out on making a bow due to limited ribbon. It also seemed inappropriate given the large scale of the ribbon versus the size of the gift but the lack of a bow brought up an issue.. how did I close it off? I gave my friend a few options, one being the sticker you see in the photo. It’s not attached in the images since I wasn’t sure what my friend wanted but in the end she did go with the sticker. I also suggested she tuck a mini card under the ribbon.

I think it turned out ok. I absolutely love this paper. It just makes me happy and smiley but I would have liked it more on a larger piece.

gift wrap

wrapping paper from the Container Store


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5 Responses to “gift wrap: bright happy green”

  1. Noa Says:

    Dude, can I pay you to come up with packaging/wrapping concepts & products for my business? Totally not kidding here.

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    I would HAPPILY help you!! 🙂

  3. Charissa - The Gifted Blog Says:

    What a compliment! I like how it turned out!
    Can you give us a sense of the scale/size of the gift?

  4. beautifuliving Says:

    The gift was an iPhone. So pretty small.

  5. Charissa - The Gifted Blog Says:

    Adorable. And I didn’t know that you’d like to wrap gifts as a job! (Sigh…I know. That would be awesome.) I would love to see you in that capacity. I saw Noa’s comment above – I hope you have fun with that!

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