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fun birthday gift wrap

It was an interesting weekend.

Saturday I was making my best efforts to get my family out the door to a birthday party when my sons begins to have a meltdown. It appeared that my beloved child was in the midst of a tantrum. You gotta love those at the age of two and being the fabulous mother I turned to him and began negotiations. It’s what I do these days to get him to shush it because apparently I ended up with a mini-me and my child is whiny as all heck. It’s karma at it’s best I tell ya.

Who knows what he wanted but I wanted us out the front door. Good thing we’ve been singing Happy Birthday a lot because I decide to tell him we’re going someplace where he can sing his song – which worked. I start naming names of his two buddies that will be there and he seemed to understand. And just like that, suddenly out the door we went.

It’s was hellish hot so the instant we step out our front door beads of sweat begin to form. Minutes later I was in the buildings stairwell wearing flip flops and trying to hold my sons hand while juggling two beautifully wrapped gifts. Walking down the concrete stairs was an obstacle that only added to beads forming on my forehead. We make it down one flight and then start heading to the garden. As we approach our destination all I can think is how quiet it is. As in, gee – what a quiet party. And then I turn the corner only to arrive at party central with no party to be found. I was hot, sweating and doing my best to keep the gifts I was holding from falling while sadly watching my sons face go from curious and excited to Charlie Brown wah-wah.

Apparently the party was Sunday and I arrived a day too early. But you agree that the gifts were gorgeous, right?


polka dot gift wrap in red and silver with pig gift tag

polka dot gift wrap in red and silver with yellow gift tag

Gift Wrap Notes: The yummy polka dot gift wrap was found at a thrift store just near my house. I paid $1 for an enormous roll. The packaging said holiday gift wrap but it reminds me of a circus so I went with it for this occasion. I did a single looped bow because I cut the ribbon too short. Have I mentioned that I love ribbon with wire in it? You can make that stuff do anything imaginable. The animal cut outs, which I also used here, are by Martha Stewart. I added the yellow horse just as we were leaving which explains why it’d not in the first several images.

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4 Responses to “crafts: gift wrap”

  1. Seth Adores Jai Says:

    Oh the joys of motherhood. That totally sounds like something I would do. Get my dates and/or times all mixed up. But you are right the gift wrap is beautiful! And for only $1? Score!

  2. Noa Says:

    Rebecca, that packaging is DROOL WORTHY!!!! You are totally going to have to help me with packaging for my own business. Speaking of which, are you free wed or thurs evening?

  3. Charissa - The Gifted Blog Says:

    Love it. You don’t see much classy-looking metallic gift wrap around, but this is a fine example! Keeping this in mind for the next time I highlight reader photos!

    I enjoyed the fact that Graycen was convinced to leave after hearing you were going somewhere where he could sing ‘Happy Birthday’. Good thinking, Mom.
    : )

  4. Amy Ballard Says:

    found at a thrift store, red AND big polka dots?! Be still my heart…

    PS> My birthday is in March and you could wrap up a pile of poo in that stuff and I would still think it is the greatest gift ever!

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