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I have no recollection of how I discovered this site. It’s unfortunate because I would give a great big thank you to that person right now.

The people at Notion Farm only have one item for sale but here is the thing, that product is clever, witty, and charming. I think when you have proven to be all three you’re able to get away with such rubbish. I just love that about them.

Lets carry on. Now that I have you on the edge of your seat let me get to the loot – it’s an official Tooth Fairy Kit. Sounds kinda boring and absurd but please, keep reading… and then check out the yummy yummy photos.

Product Description:

The Tooth Fairy Kit contains one letterpress Certificate of Record for filling with your local Tooth Fairy and one reusable silkscreened cloth deposit bag for your first and all subsequent transactions. The official certificate keeps record of name, age, tooth lost, method of extraction and compensation information.

Tooth Fairy Kit

via Notion Farm, Tooth Fairy Kit

yummy yummy pretty pretty paper

My own mother still has my baby teeth which truthfully, it wiggs me out. She has them saved in her jewelry chest, stashed in an old velvet ring box.  Talk about the last thing you want to stumble upon when your hunting for the matching earring. Are you grossed out yet? Cause I’m just saying, this clever certificate and clearly labeled envelope would be a much better storage option if you’re the kind of mama that wants to save your kiddos teeth.

Come to think of it, I really must get one of these for Graycen.


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