recipe: lasagna, or is it pasta

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s March 27 and I’m just now discussing my recipe of the month for February. <insert big massive sigh>

Moving on. Last year, I spent a tremendous amount of time thinking “What am I going to cook this month.” Then I’d pour over random recipes while giving myself a few gray hairs trying to sort it all out. This year it’s more like, “I want lasagna. Let me go hunt down a recipe.” And that’s basically what I did last month.


Let me tell you, it was delicious. Not oh-my-gosh worlds best lasagna or anything overly dramatic. But it was delicious and by far the best lasagna I’ve ever made. My husband loved it, I loved it… the kid – not so much. Who knew calling the damn lasagna a lasagna and not pasta would throw him off. He refused to take a bite, even after I started referring to it as pasta. He was basically all tight lipped and “No that’s lasagna, I don’t want lasagna, I WANT PASTA.”

Can I mention that even my nanny loved it and no – we never offered her any!! So when we came home and she told us how yummy it was we both had mental breakdowns. In my real world I swear a lot but online I make an honest effort to keep things clean but let me tell you… I was like, WTF?? You ate my lasagna?? Oh fuck! We never actually said that (to her).

Then she left and we scurried over to the fridge to check out the damage which was minimal and all was forgiven in the world.

The next night I heated up the left overs and made damn sure to call it pasta. My son proceeded to happily eat a very large portion. My husband and I were of course slightly annoyed as it meant less for us. At some point I will be making this again.

You can find the recipe here. Below are my edits.


  • I added salt and probably tripled the dried oregano.
  • I used sliced provolone cheese since it’s what my local grocer had available. I will say, sliced cheese is a lot easier to work with.
  • I ditched the ricotta cheese since we’re not fans of the stuff in my house. So my “mix” was just egg, milk and oregano which I drizzled on between layers.
  • I soaked the lasagna noodles in water for about 15 minutes.

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One Response to “recipe: lasagna, or is it pasta”

  1. SAJ Says:

    Too funny about the nannny. Mine has helped herself more than once our leftovers so I know what you went through. this recipe sounds yummy

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