home decor: going green

nesting boxes

More then once I’ve heard a designer say that you should introduce color in sets of three. So when I decided to go with green, after a lot of hemming and hawing, the challenge become finding three things that I liked well enough to bring into my home. After about six months of keeping my eyes wide open I found some lacquered nesting boxes at Crate & Barrel. I was instantly taken in. That become my starting point, or shall we say – my color wheel. I’m not the biggest advocate of safe design. I’m far from being wild or outrageous but I’m neither safe or boring. But even for me, deciding to paint a my dresser what could be considered neon green felt a bit risky. The first paint swatch I selected didn’t work and after a quick mental breakdown I went back to the store and worked with my fabulous paint guy on a more customized color.

That dresser is now my favorite piece.

I think its been about a year since I had my big moment of realizing I wanted to go with an unexpected shade of green as my accent color and only now am I adding that third piece to the room. I stumbled upon these great 60s inspired shag pillows and suddenly I couldn’t get them out of my mind. So I purchased them, which is a lot because I’m not a fan of pillows in my home. I’ve had several flings with pillows and after about six months I always end up ditching them. I hope these are different, that I can keep them around for the long haul. I do love them and I love the movement they bring into the space.

I don’t know if it’s the size of the room or the placement of my accent pieces but I’m not sold that three is the magic number. I can see how three is enough but I’m not getting that vibe in my space yet. The color still looks a bit out of place and too mechanical. So, I’m keeping my eyes open for piece number four. Nothing as bold or texturized as the pillows since I think then I’d be entering into contrived and overload. Instead I’m thinking something transparent, maybe glass. Think Heineken beerbottle for inspiration. Ideas?

shag pillows

storage in green

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4 Responses to “home decor: going green”

  1. stacie Says:

    love the green accent. love the nesting boxes. i am a huge lover of pillows but your news pillows cover the cute tufted buttons on your sofa. however, they do add a nice texture to the room.

  2. SAJ Says:

    The pillows are a nice addition. Glass definitely sounds like the way to go for your 4th piece.

  3. Charissa - The Gifted Blog Says:

    I am not talented in the home decor department, so I enjoyed reading your train of thought for adding green to your room. Thanks for letting us inside your brain!

  4. Cousin Says:

    you popped with my favorite color…:) green

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