I’m exhausted, literally and figuratively. Juggling a few too many balls right now. Proof would be me sitting here on a Saturday night when it’s 7:34pm and the big question that I’m pondering is – should I go to bed now. It’s that bad!

More than anything I want the madness to end but I think it’s all going to stick around for a while longer.

Thursday I attended the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. I had a wonderful time though I spent a bit too long socializing which reverted in me seeing less then half the event. I saw some really great exhibits but I have a feeling I missed some of the best ones. Despite the fact that I have access all weekend I’m buried in work and will have to pass on checking back in. Shall I say, there’s always next year. However, I do want to make some time to get back in here and talk about some of the fun stuff I saw. Until then I’ll simply post this photo I took. I love the space. It’s a bit flashy and over the top in a bubble gum maple syrup sort of way BUT it is a show stopper that catches your eye and makes you stare. For that I say – bravo!

Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2010

Architectural Digest Home Design Show

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