wishful shopping

I promised myself that we’d spend the year paying down our debt. Not that I have a ton of debt but when you’re tying to save for bigger things and also pay to send your child to private preschool in New York City you are bound to feel broke. I even wrote myself a feel good email about the bigger picture. About how we are working towards bigger things, prettier life events, that make all the small little purchases seem worthless. I really feel everything I wrote but I’ll be damn – there are a lot of little things I still *really* *really* want. Like these goodies from Anthropologie. I’m just saying… the old school swivel clock that looks like it belongs in a locker room would be so pretty on the half wall between my kitchen and living room. A little something to break up all the sweetness going on in that space. And I’ve wanted to start a key collection for a while. No idea why, I’m just saying. So yes, I need the key. And how phh-urty are the soap and lotion bottles with the bronzed nozzles and the equally phh-urty wire holder.

clock via Anthropologies

key via Anthropologies

soap & lotion with wire rack via Anthropologies

Hmm, just noticed the swivel clock is only 6.25″ in diameter. I officially have no use for it. Bummer.

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