four legged friends

Somehow I never realized how much I could love a chair. I’ve been drooling over lucite for a while now. If we ever get a new dinning room table I want something just like these.

But then, for my bedroom, I’ve been imagining something girly and fresh for my desk.

Oh, to have an endless stream of money and space to fill with my four legged friends.

via southern accents by amanda nisbet

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2 Responses to “four legged friends”

  1. JennD. Says:

    I love your four legged friends! esp. the white ones in the last pic! and they don’t chew on anything! My newest four legged friend is chewing anything else four legged in my house… including the cats!! =) I DO love Frog! He is so optimistic and cheery! sadly I think I naturally do toad things and need frogs in my life!! =) thanks for visiting!

  2. SAJ Says:

    The ghost chair has been calling my name for a while so I know what you mean. I love everything about that rainbow char. Love it!

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