shopping from my bathroom

On the weekends I take over the duty of bathing our son (a task my ever helpful husband does during the week). So last Sunday I got my son all squared away in the tub and then I pulled up my little stool and about 6 catalogues that had been calling my name. I’m not a huge fan of West Elm. Their pieces tend to look lovely but in person the price never seems to match the quality. Anyone else ever feel that way, like the actual craftsmanship is questionable?

I digress. Perhaps the craftsmanship is horrible but I will admit that a few pieces caught my eye. Shall we do a bit of imaginary shopping?

Yes, I am still obsessed with birdcages. Two of these would look lovely in my home.

bird cages via west elm

I’m loving the upholstery on this chair. The chunky weave would add great texture to a room. I even like the lavender and the texture on the rug

armchair via west elm

This tufted leather headboard is fab. It’s like the companion piece to our couch. Sigh!

tufted leather headboard via west elm

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One Response to “shopping from my bathroom”

  1. SAJ Says:

    I hear ya about west elm. Beautifully styled images but once you go to the store it’s like ‘eeeeh’. They skimped on the quality of certain items. I am however in love with their Parsons desk. I’m itching to get one for my bedroom.

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