paper s!ut

Apparently I have a thing for note pads. I never really recognized my little obsession until about a year ago when I picked up this gorgeous little pad with hot pink lines that I had intended to give as a gift. Well, lets just say that the gift never made it to the hands of the intended recipient. That’s when it occurred to me that I have a habit of eyeing (and purchasing) note pads that have a bit more punch.

At the start of the year I popped into my favorite little store with the intentions of picking up one little ol’ note pad for keeping track of all the things I’m grateful for. I left with not one but SEVEN note pads. As I stood there trying to narrow down my purchase I kept reminding myself that I just didn’t have a need for seven note pads regardless of how adorable they were. And then I stood there a bit longer until I come up with SEVEN different things I needed pads for. Suddenly all was right in my crazy little world.

A few weeks later I was back at my favorite little store. I had managed to get off work an hour early and rather then go rushing home on a Friday night to my adorable son – I went to The Store. I had the best intentions, to browse a bit. The absolute last thing I needed were scissors but somehow I managed to purchase some.

Please, make no mention of these confessions to my husband. For both our sake, I’m gonna make an effort to steer clear of the store that  gets me into so much trouble. But just for fun, here go some of my new goodies. Don’t you just love ’em?


rock, paper, scissors

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