home decor: (finally) a place to craft

As a child I was Barbie crazed. Like, I played with Barbie until I was 12. Girls these days just don’t do that but if only they knew what they were missing.

Fast forward, about four years ago I came across some Barbie prints and I was in love. The images made my head spin and there was this one I just had to have. But the limited edition print was apparently sold out. I spent a year trying to get my hands on the print when low and behold, the image was back in circulation as a limited edition collection of four pieces. Then, like a good Barbie crazed adult woman, I asked my mother to buy me four framed limited edition prints. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t feeling two of the prints or the overly fussy frames that adorned the images. Since then three years have passed and I’ve come around to loving all four images along with their fussy frames.

For a few years two of the images sat in storage while the other two were split between our two bathrooms. That was until this weekend when I had a spur of the moment thought. I’ve done a lot of flip-flopping over what direction I want my desk to go in. Narrowing down a look is always hard for me. I am certain that I want a good amount of space for hanging do-dads. For a while it was something tall and narrow that would hang off to the side. Then it was something large and all encompassing. I went from something covered in burlap, to a coffee sack to a feed sack. I thought French vintage fabric and then absolutely positively felt. So yeah, I’m still working on the details but in the mean time I have determined that I want to be inspired by my Barbie images on a daily basis. With my husbands help I went ahead and hung three of the images over my desk. They site pretty high with the intentions that I’ll hang a cork board of sorts under them. My thought of direction is now long, low and narrow. I’m clueless on fabric choices to cover the board. Help?

I’m still uncertain about a few other details. The cake stand needs tweaking, as do the contents under the glass. Not sure where my glitter birds should go and of course my want for an actual wooden bird cage is still there. My current desk lamp is possibly broken and thus was on the floor for examination when I snapped these images. I need to figure out if it can be salvaged or if I’ll need to hunt something down.

Thoughts or suggestions?

my new craft space

my new space

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4 Responses to “home decor: (finally) a place to craft”

  1. Noa Says:

    saw your comment on lj so I thought I would “out” myself in non lj land. *wink*. By the way, I can’t believe I never mentioned I totally stalk you on googlereader!

  2. SAJ Says:

    Great work space. I’m no help with fabrics but it looks like you are on the right track.

  3. beautifuliving Says:

    Thanks. I’m not one to hang out in fabric stores but I bet if I look around I could find something I love.

  4. beautifuliving Says:

    You make me smile!

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