my love affair with elizabeth

I tend to steer clear of posting about what another blogger is posting. Cause hey, what’s the point in that. BUT today I simply can’t help myself. Kiss the Groom is one of those easy read blogs that I simply LOVE. Elizabeth is an amazing photographer and writer. She always has the most warm hearted photos – and LOTS of them. And the images of her children make my heart melt. I can be sappy like that and I love that she makes me sappy.

I haven’t been able to pop into her blog for a while and today when I did, I wanted one of everything. She has a way of doing that to me. For instance, I think I’m going to finally have to take the plunge and get me a Twigs & Honey hair adornment. My heart goes crazy over flowers, ruffles and Elizabeths images of these gorgeous pieces.

hair adornment via Twigs and Honey

Model: Anna Adams, Wedding Dress: Elizabeth Dye, Styling: Chelsea Fuss

And I’m equally smitten over these reusable fabric wraps by Chewing the Cud. Each print says: Give Luck. Give Love. Give Wisdom.

Don’t you just love that?

via Chewing the Cud

gift wrapping via Chewing the Cud

Elizabeth also has this love affair with crowns… I’m green with envy that it wasn’t I who came up with this obsession first.

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2 Responses to “my love affair with elizabeth”

  1. Charissa - The Gifted Blog Says:

    Hi there – thanks for sharing the Chewing the Cud link…I’m off to take a look now!

  2. The Sale Rack Says:

    two gifts in one! great idea!

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