snow on the streets

Spanish Harlem school yard

Spanish Harlem schoolyard

The City got hit by a blizzard earlier this week. I have to wonder what constitutes a blizzard. Sure, there was snow but it wasn’t crazy-can’t-function snow. It did mean getting off work early and well, I’m all for getting off early. There is something so wonderful about getting a break from work in the middle of the week. And there is something just as wonderful about being out in the snow while the fluffy stuff is still pouring down. The flakes were enormous and quit possible the prettiest snowfall I’ve ever seen. Don’t think I didn’t open my mouth a few times and let a few petals of the white stuff land on my tongue.

When Fred got home we took Graycen for a walk. The little guy is crazy quick on his feet – until we make it outside and then somehow he is always slow as molasses. I guess you could say he really knows how to stop and smell the daisies (which I presume isn’t a bad thing). We were probably gone for an hour and only managed to walk four blocks. Not a joke, I swear! But it was to be expected so before we headed out I grabbed my camera. Feels like ages since I’ve had an interesting subject matter. Here go a few snapshot from the neighborhood. I just love the visual interest that exists on New York buildings.

Since its construction, I’ve always wished that it was our building that had the chocolate bricks.

lovely chocolate brick building across from our home

our street corner

this would be a beautiful building on the "shady" block, i'm told every neighborhood has one of those blocks

another street corner

snow covered gate

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2 Responses to “snow on the streets”

  1. Charissa - The Gifted Blog Says:

    Great shots, especially of the apartments. Such a different view from our place in S. Cal!

  2. SAJ Says:

    Glad you guys enjoyed the snow! What is it with kids running like track stars through the house until you need/want them to move just as a fast outside then they suddenly become grandpa’s?? NYC was definitely spared from the real blizzard. We were buried (literally) under 30″.

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