home decor: latest project

my new chest of drawers

Last year I gave myself a minor headache over which accent color I thought would go best in our living room. I had managed to narrow down my options to a bright sunny green or an even brighter yellow. I feel like yellow was everywhere last year, and I liked all the stuff I was seeing, but I also had my doubts. I was feeling like perhaps it was trendy and a fad that I would outgrow.

During the fall I did some major winter cleaning and re-organized every closet in our home. Somewhere during that process I found an old binder I had made during the time leading up to our home purchase. Finding that dusty black binder was like finding a box of my own forgotten treasures. There must have been hundreds of photos perfectly categorizes. It included paint chips and detailed instruction for each room. I can be crazy neurotic like that. What I realized while going through each and every photo was how much I loved green back then and how it’s clearly a color I still love and want to live with. That was the moment I knew it was my accent color and suddenly everything just felt right.

For my birthday I decided to forgo the usual shopping spree and instead used that money towards sprucing up a few things around the home. Fortunately I’m completely smitten with every project I took on and thank goodness because I would have cried had I went through another fiasco like the master bathroom. Think the ugliest Pepto Bismo blue you’ve never seen but that I somehow developed. It’s bad! But that’s a story for another day because both the projects I undertook last month are perfect and lovely.

I’m insanely in love with the green dresser. I think the color is bright but not too bold. It’s fresh and adds pop to the room without commanding too much attention. And I think it adds life to the space and shows the spirit and energy that’s in our home.

AFTER PHOTO: Dresser, now being referred to as a chest of drawers, repainted in green with new knobs and two coats of poly.

my "new" chest of drawers

BEFORE IMAGES: Here is the dress in it’s original state – bright white and being used in our bedroom.

dresser in it's original state

This is how the nook in our living room looked before – like toys had exploded everywhere. We ditched the floor matt, removed the photos on the wall and put the toys in boxes (or donated them).

before image of the space in our living room

I love taking a little bit of risk in my homes décor and I think the green paid off.

Of course,  apologies for the slightly fuzzy photo. Perhaps I should have waited to post this when I had a better image but I know that might take months so I’m sharing what I have. I’ll try to capture a better image and one of the living room as a whole. At some point, right?

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4 Responses to “home decor: latest project”

  1. SAJ Says:

    Green is my favorite color so I’m loving your updated chest of drawers. What a bold move! So did you store any of the toys in one of the drawers? I’m struggling with how to hide the kids play area in plain view. I was thinking of getting some kind of storage that does not scream toy box. Right now the corner of my living that you see as soon as you walk in resembles Romper Room.

  2. stacie Says:

    love the green. it is gorgeous. will we be seeing close ups of graycen’s stove? (pretty please)

  3. beautifuliving Says:

    Nope, no toys in the drawers. I have this crazy fear of my son opening and closing the drawers and getting carried away and the whole thing falling over. Not that it could happen since the thing is heavy and I don’t see it falling over but the fear is there.

  4. SAJ Says:

    Thanks for the info you posted on my blog. I was in Ikea over the weekend and actually saw some interesting storage options that I’m considering. I would move all the kids toys to their room but that’s upstairs and so not really feasible right now since having a 5 year old and 21 month old on another floor not being supervised spells disaster 🙂 Good point about that being a hazard with the toys and all.

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