one year older

birthday snow

Last month I celebrated my birthday.  It snowed like crazy but we braved the elements and went out for a lovely dinner. Upon dropping my son off at my aunts I found what felt like gold in a pile of trash. It was covered in snow but something about the shape of what I saw made me insist to my husband that he stop walking. I began to dust snow off this cubed box and sure enough, a painted burner appeared. It was a wooden play stove that was apparently being trashed by the local nursery. We still hadn’t went to dinner so there wasn’t really anything I could do but hope that in a few hours it would still be there.

Granted it was my birthday so sure enough, 4 hours later the play stove was still there. The snow had began to really accumulate so it took me a few attempts to relocate it in the pile of stuff that stood on the street corner. Just my luck because in my frantic state of looking for the stove I also managed to find the perfect wooden craft table for my son. By this time we had already done a crazy amount of holiday shopping so we looked rather foolish stuffing ourselves, and our loot, into a cab but we managed.

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks cleaning, sanding, lacquering and scrubbing our finds. Tonight my son got to use the table for the first time and I think he’s in love with it. For the first time that I can ever recall he played in his room, unassisted. Like one of us didn’t have to entertain him and be his personal muse.

This just might be the best birthday gift ever!

baby got a brand new stove

see it now?

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  1. The Sale Rack Says:

    Happy birthday!

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