a brush with fame

crap quality image by me, husbands cell phone, betsey johnson

I can’t forget to share. This year I’ve started to spot good celebrities. The latest spotting was on New Years Eve and of all places it was at the Children’s Museum. And of all people we see Betsey Johnson there. My husband was clueless as to who she was, which is never any fun. That is her above in the photos, dressed in black with crazy gold boots. It’s a crap photo taken with my husbands cell phone. Leave it to her to be the only adult that hops on the dragon. Her hair is just as crazy in person and her lipstick is just as freaky red. She was there with her daughter and granddaughter (Lulu Johnson Margulies and Ella Margulies).

I wish I was that annoying citizen that approached famous people and asked for photos with them but I’m not. I think I’ll work on that in the new year.

betsey johnson


One Response to “a brush with fame”

  1. SAJ Says:

    What a fun sighting! Betsy is so over the top for no good reason. Gotta love her!

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