a new year, a new me

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There is something about the start of a new year that exhilarates me. I always start January with an abundance of confidence and optimism… like the world is mine. I love that feeling, that extra push to do big things and to find your happiness in life. So that’s where I am right now.

I must also mention that as of today I have been blogging for one year! Some days I thought I would never make it. Other days I just wanted to give it all up but mostly I felt good about sticking to it and seeing one year through. I can’t say to what capacity I’ll be blogging in the new year. But we’ll work it out, k?

I have big plans for twenty ten. Some are big secret plans and others I can talk about freely. And as much as I feel like I have the next year planned out there is still a lot left in the air, I think I like it that way. Given all the things I need to work on I have major plans to morph into a frugal girl. Not sure what, if any, home decor plans I’ll be working on. I do want to read more. I only read one book in 2009 so I’m gonna try and increase that by 4 more books. I know, I know, that just seems pathetically funny but it’s my goal and I’m gonna own it. I’m sticking to books that will either enlighten me, or make me a better person. I’m also excited about getting the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts. Apparently I’m disillusioned enough to think I have that sorta time on my hands.. plus, how do MS crafts fit in with my new frugal life style. Who knows, but I hope to make it work.  I’m feeling blissfully happy about all of this right now. So to all of you –

Go forth young ones and make big things happen. Live life and enjoy it.


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One Response to “a new year, a new me”

  1. SAJ Says:

    Happ new year! Here’s to an amazing 2010 no matter how big or small!

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