holiday cheer

holiday cards

Back in November I decided I wanted to get our holiday cards out the way. I sent our first batch of cards that following week. About two weeks later I got around to mailing batch two. Well, I’m embarrassed to say that batch number three is still siting on the dinning room table. As in our dinning room table.

Did I mention we’re only sending out 28 cards? The fact that I have to send 28 cards out in three batches is pretty ridiculous.

BUT… the cards are super cute and I made my best effort to write a personal note to each recipient. I guess some people on the list are easier to write to. At least when our  family and friends get their cards they will be greeted but some fun photos.

Anyone else still working on their holiday cards?

stacks of photos ready for mailing

sweet holiday wishes, 2009

* photos for our holiday cards were taken my mimi inglin

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2 Responses to “holiday cheer”

  1. Amy Says:

    I JUST sat down to finish mine but got distracted by my blogs! 😉 I wish my list was as short as yours! Your cards are ADORABLE and I am happy to hear you handwrite notes in each one…those are the ones I enjoy receiving the most! Merry Christmas!

  2. Charissa - The Gifted Blog Says:

    1) Why is your face covered? I want to see your family picture! It looks like it’s a good one.
    2) Did you “gift wrap” your cards? The tags are too cute!

    I moved my blog from WordPress and have not been to your blog for too long. I realized I spaced out on your guest post that we wrote about many months ago. I blame it on the holidays! Still interested?


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