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Gift Wrap by Martha Stewart

I’ve been absent for a while now. I won’t lie, it’s been lovely to sorta get lost in other things and not feel the burden of managing my life and a blog.

I had some really high hopes of spending December baking up goodies and wrapping matchy matchy gifts but that shit aint happening. I use to get anxiety over these thing.. of not living up to the person I had dreamt myself to be in my head. I’ve released a lot of that this year. By no means am I cured.. but I’m better. And I’m ok with all the December Dreams that won’t be making there way into reality.

My moms visit was wonderful. I love having her around, I love the way she takes care of me and I love the way my son loves her. She’s been gone for 4 day now and he still keeps looking for her.

Breaks my heart.

I tackled two home projects during my moms visit and both turned out perfectly. Thank goodness because my history with home projects has been hit or miss. But this time I really thought about what it was I wanted and how I wanted it to fit into our space. I’m starting to look at my projects from the perspective of a designer and less from the perspective of an over zealous homeowner that’s obsessed with HDTV and home décor magazines. This is just to say that I’m no longer trying to reproduce the work of someone else but rather understand my own needs and how it is I can satisfy myself, the client.

I think this new perspective is working out a lot better.

My birthday is this weekend. I think we’ll take my son to visit his aunt. She use to teach early childhood education and she has endless patience and energy for a child of his age. I think they both keep each other company and time spent with her is time well spent. Now if she could just teach my child how to share and how screaming for attention is bad then I think my life would be near perfect.

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