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My sons second birthday is this Thursday and I had every intention to write about the planning process but time escaped me. The big day is just a few days away now but here are a few details in brief.

Budget: I first figured out a budget – $50. I didn’t even know if that’s was reasonable but I definitely wanted to keep things in perspective. For those of you who have done this before, feel free to let me know if that was too much.

Decor: I love simplicity so I decided that there would be no real theme but rather a collaboration of thoughts and ideas that came to me. I still needed a starting point so I looked towards the gift that I wanted to give Graycen, a book. With my son still being so young  he’s happy for a laugh and some silliness so I’m trying to enjoy it while I can. After much thought I went with a Dr. Seuss book – Happy Birthday To You. It’s a wonderful book that talks about the greatness of being yourself. One of the two main characters, the Birthday Bird, is yellow and wears a red jumper so I used that as my primary color scheme. I then added bits of turquoise which I pulled from the cover of the book. See –


Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday To You!
Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday To You!

Set-up: On Thursday the plan is to set a display out of his favorite yummies as well as things he’s never had. Basically candy and sweets galore. Everything will be laid on our cocktail table which sits low to the ground and will allow Graycen to grab and explore at his pleasure. I really wanted this to be something he could experience on his own. I figure we will sit around – laughing and nibbling until we’re stuffed silly. Anything left after that will be packed up and given away. That makes me feel better about all the candy I purchased.

image via Martha Stewart
image via Martha Stewart

There will of course be a cake but we can only pray that cupcakes make an appearance as well. I decided a square cake would be perfect for the occasion and pulled out a three piece Martha Stewart pan collection. When I went to make the smallest tier I learned that it requires three cups of cake batter. For the look I want I would need to make two layers and wIth some quick math I realized I needed 6 cups of cake batter. Umm, that’s a lot of damn batter. Not to mention it’s more then you get from one box of cake mix. Thus I’ve spent the last two weekends baking cakes and thanking my luck starts that I started this process early. That means I still need to bake cupcakes – assuming I find the time between now and Thursday. Not that a family of two can eat that much cake but it does mean we’ll be able to feed our neighbors.

MS cake set

MS cake set

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