my pencil collection most dating back to my childhood

my pencil collection most dating back to my childhood

Materialistically speaking, there is nothing that I love more in life then paper. I presume it must go back to my youth living in Spain. It seemed like any little shop we walked into had fun paper with endless assortments of adorable erasers and blinged out sharpeners. It was different then the American stuff and my little girl eyes were always brimming with excitement. I remember wanting to run my fingers across everything I could touch because to touch it brought me so much joy.

My love for these things has stayed with me throughout adulthood and I still like to pick-up the occasional sharpener or smear proof eraser. These days everything is meticulously kept in my drawers and tool box. I have bins for my paper and my love for paper really does overshadow everything else. Thankfully for my wallet, having lived with the goodies all my life, I’ve acquired an interest in both the cheap stuff and the expensive.

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in supply stores and I’m reminded how happy I am when I’m surrounded by these things. I’m also reminded that what I want is greater then what I’m capable of giving. Not that I take nearly as much pleasure in the giving part.. it pains me to let go of the goodies I collect and I often find myself sending out things that are second rate because I can’t part with my favorite pieces. I’m trying to do less paper shopping these days because my collection has grown larger then one girl needs – but there are still lots that I want.

This coming week I plan to post daily, sharing with you some of my current finds.


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