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the goods

the goods

I guess in my last post I didn’t give a proper report back with how the props worked out. In all honesty, I won’t know till I see our proofs but I can say that my son wasn’t feeling them. Here’s the break down.

The BIg Orange Lollipop: I was already worried about the lollipop since Graycen has never had one and sure enough, he was clueless on what to do with it. Mimi (the photographer) tried to give him a lesson on licking but it was useless.

Our Cool-as-ever Soda Cans: I had these funked out coca cola bottles that I thought would be fun. I knew in order to get my son to drink from the thing I had to fill it with something that would make him cooperate so I turned to our trusty friend, Soda. I was smart enough to think it though and fill the bottle with Ginger Ale as to avoid clothing stains but what I didn’t think about was the big wet spot that would appear on his crotch when he dumped the bottle over and poured it into his lap.

The Top (or is it a Dress): The dress turned top was either a hit or a miss. I’m not sure yet but when Mimi asked us to remove my sons sweater which by then had lollipop goo on it I had to protest and explain the top was really a dress – hence certain girl details were visible if we removed the sweater. The look on her face when I explained this was priceless. Mid way through the shoot we did a top change so we shall see.

The Big Yellow Balloon: As for the balloon, that sucker was hard to get filled. We had to take it to 4 shops before we found someone willing to inflate it. I hadn’t expected that and by the time we hit up the fourth store I waited in a nearby park while my husband went in to beg the store keeper. They obliged and filled that sucker up. However for whatever reason my husband didn’t have the keeper fill the balloon to it’s 3 feet capacity so in the end we got a big balloon but much smaller then 3 feet. I’m not sure how it worked out in the shoot. My son wasn’t feeling this prop either but it was fun to have.

Now that this is over I can begin to turn my energy (and worries) towards his birthday.

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3 Responses to “style details”

  1. thegiftedblog Says:

    What an ambitious photo shoot! I love that you decided to become a stylist for the day and just try it on for size.

    I hope the party-planning doesn’t cause you stress. I’m sure it will be a fun day for your son!


  2. beautifuliving Says:

    I’m sure I was TOO ambitious. What I hadn’t mentioned was that the shoot only lasted 20 minutes. I’m officially crazy mom.

  3. My side of the story » Inglin Photography Says:

    […] all the effort in my opinion.  If you want to read more of the other side of the story, click here. Posted in Kids, […]

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