my saturday

yellow balloon

yellow balloon

Yesterday I would have to say that motherhood was hard. We’re approaching Graycen’s second birthday and I think he wanted to welcome in his birthday month with a really over the top temper tantrum that lasted ALL DAY. I kept my humor for the most part because when shit hits the fan with a toddler you have to grasp onto the bright side (and there always is one).

Our photo shoot was in the early evening and our photographer Mimi Inglin was phenomenal. She was patient and amazing and really rolled with the punches. Every curve ball my son threw her way she handled with grace. When he threw his big orange lollipop on the ground and smeared it into the grass she kept on going. When he dumped soda all over his outfit she didn’t make a peep. When he ignored all of her directions and insisted on running off she just rolled with it. And when it came time for family photos and my son wanted no part… we did them WITHOUT him.

I love my son and I love Mimi for being so great to work with. I’m certain that we’ll have some spectacular images but I can promise you, they weren’t easy for her to get.

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2 Responses to “my saturday”

  1. ericka Says:

    can’t wait to see them 🙂 and I love that shot of the balloon as well!

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    The wait between taking the photos and seeing the proofs is always hard. Ack!!

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