master of everything

cupcake from Sugar Mamas Bakeshop, vanilla chocolate

cupcake from Sugar Mamas Bakeshop, vanilla chocolate

cupcake from Sugar Mamas Bakeshop, jack lemon

cupcake from Sugar Mamas Bakeshop, jack lemon

For a while now I’ve wondered what it would be like to assist a Stylist. The job seems so fun… hard but fun. Well, this weekend my son is getting his photo taken so it occurred to me, I can be my own Stylist. Yikes!

If you’re thinking I’ve just bitten off more then I can chew then you’re probably right. I do work full time, things are crazy, I’m enrolled in school which includes homework and well.. time is limited. But not only is time limited, I have recently vowed to be more economical so it’s fair to question where is the fun in this task.

I basically gave myself two days to get everything in order with only my lunch break as my window of time. Well, well.. I am clearly an amateur out of her element and things are just hysterical at this point. The good – I have decided on a Kate Spade feel. Bright happy colors that work in an awkward sort of way. The bad – mentally I am fixed on certain colors. Gah! Today I hit the stores on my lunch break and see a striped kelly green dress I’m in love with… but it’s a dress and I have a son. Not a problem I say. I’ve been clearly watching too much Project Runway because I instantly think.. “snip here, fold here – it’s a shirt.” My mother who went to fashion school seems to think this is hilarious. My husband – he’s just pissed I bought a dress for our son. Grr!!

Vision people!! Let’s have some vision…

I have also been collecting jumbo balloons for my sons birthday party but decided this week that I like it more for his photo shoot. Lets just say I’m no mathematician. When I tell my husband that I bought a 36 inch balloon and he’ll need to take it to get filled he screams “three feet?”

Huh! As in, that was my thought.

Then he explained that 36 inches equals 3 feet and even broke down the math for me. Now my mother is asking me how I plan to get the 3 foot balloon to the shoot location and I’m thinking… that’s a great thought. Oops. I’m not certain here but I don’t think that will clear the door on a cab. Fkk!

Maybe we’ll just give my son a cupcake and call it a wrap.

*cupcake photos from Sugar Mamas Bakeshop


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