saturday love

my son Graycen's Room

my son Graycen's room


I absolutely love Saturday’s. There is the obvious reasons of being off work. I can’t deny that I love a break from the everyday hustle and grind. But on Saturday I also get to sleep in. It’s an unwritten rule in our house. On Saturday I sleep in until 10am. Somedays, like today, I get up a bit earlier and putts around my room in silence until the clock strikes 10. Then I emerge from the bedroom to be greeted by my bubbly son. It’s always fun to see the wide energetic smile he’ll flash me upon my emergence. And as much as I love hanging out with him, I also love his Saturday afternoon nap time when I get to sneak a few more hours of quiet me time.

Don’t worry about Fred, this here is an equal opportunity house and my husband gets to sleep in until 10am on Sundays. It works for us and I think we both appreciate it.

I realize I have never shown images of my sons room. I promise to do that soon. I really do love his space.

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