a wonderful life

Naomi Campbell photographed by Peter Lindberg

Naomi Campbell photographed by Peter Lindberg

I have always considered myself to be a free spirit. I spent my youth imagining up big things and then rushing off to live out all the great thoughts I had dreamt up. I miss that energy. I miss that feeling of the world being mine to take on.

One of the greatest things I did was move to New York. I had always known I would end up here. The details were blurry back then but I knew New York would be my home. One hot summer the ball was finally set into motion during a ten day trip to Puerto Rico. It was a wonderful vacation with my mother and my lovely boyfriend. It was a vacation where I fell out of love and then madly in love. Like that Katy Perry song…

We fight, we break up

We kiss, we make up

I deeply love that song and I deeply love that man I vacationed with. It was on that trip that I begged my lover to make the move with me. It was a hard sell but my free spirit won him over. Shortly after that I found myself on a road trip with the same crew of people, my mother and my lovely boyfriend. It took us eleven hours but at the end of that trip I was finally in the city I loved most. In my small luggage I had forged papers that had been meticulously assembled in hopes of convincing someone that I was worthy of being their tenant. It took one look, at one apartment, in a grimy neighborhood, for me to sign my first lease. In that moment I experienced one of my biggest highs. It had happened, I was home. For $600 a month I had my 200 sq. feet of Manhattan real estate. All that was missing was a job to pay to pay rent.

This month I celebrate my ninth year in New York. And that boyfriend I fell madly in love with while vacationing in Puerto Rico… well, he’s my husband now. I am so fortunate that in just a few days we celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary.

These days I am much more subdued. Yes, my free spirit has been tamed… but this year I have been feeling restless. I have a lot of things in the works and the energy I had as a youth is simmering back up. And with that energy I now have these strong urges to break out in dance. It’s as if I’m body wants to start channeling characters from the Ally McBeal show except, all my dance moves are Michael Jackson inspired.

I think at some point I’m just gonna have to do it. Dance and spin and scream in crazy high pitches. If you’re in the city and you see me – the crazy looking girl with the happiest grin and the most wacked out dance moves… give me a high five and some kind words of encouragement.

Michael Jackons on his Victory Tour. Photo by Lennox McLendon.

Michael Jackons on his Victory Tour. Photo by Lennox McLendon.

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One Response to “a wonderful life”

  1. ramada Says:

    i was crazy once. now all my energy is used in managing work, preschool applications, making babies while my biological clock ticks, and just once in a while, the crazy old me pops out (rarely). I even taken board games seriously now.

    I figure its a phase.
    I miss my youth where “everything seemed possible”

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