pink fluffiness

cotton candy via Martha Stewart

cotton candy via Martha Stewart

I was chatting with my mother about Graycen’s birthday party. Now in regards to my own birthday, for almost a decade now my mother has traveled to wherever I am so that she can celebrate the occasion with me. It’s a time I always look forward to. I was born six days before Christmas and my birthday is definitely the bigger celebration come December. When my son made an appearance into our lives my mother called and shared some devastating news with me. She felt that going forward she’d only be able to spend every other birthday with me.. because you see, on alternating years she would visit us for Graycen’s birthday.

Yes, I was devastated to learn this. I’m very close to my mother. As in, I almost start to cry the instant I think of her. The verb “attached” would be downplaying my affection and feelings towards her. My son is only going on two and I’m not certain where things stand at this point but I made it clear that I am her child, Graycen is not. So much for putting the pressure on her.

So envision my mother and me chatting about my sons upcoming birthday. He’ll be two but long before he was even one my mother was eager to attend his first birthday celebration. As you I wrote in my post here, we planned to wait until he was a bit older to do the full on birthday bash. As it stands, that is still the plan BUT we’re having a Birthday Party this year – think something wonderfully small.

Here’s a snippet from the conversation I had with my mother…

Me, feeling extremely smitten: We’ve decided to have a birthday party for Graycen!

My mother, seemingly unsmitten: How many people will there be?

Me, feeling caught in my own antics: Uh.

Me, internally laughing my ass off: Three people. Graycen, Frederic and me.


If you recall this post then you know I’m big on hosting parties that involve no guests other then myself and my husband. It seems we are moving into bigger territory these days and have decided to let one more person in on the fun – Graycen. We keep getting pressure to actually invite someone to the party.. as in other kids but I’m perfectly content on a party for three. And clearly it’s so me given that the first comment my mother had was “how many people will be there.”

I am still trying to narrow down my thoughts but yesterday I started to think – cotton candy must be involved. Check out these fun takes on it.

Ever clever Martha Stewart with Cotton Candy Floats

Ever clever Martha Stewart with Cotton Candy Floats

Cotton Candy ice cream topped with white chocolate by Blue Bunny's

Cotton Candy ice cream topped with white chocolate by Blue Bunny's

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2 Responses to “pink fluffiness”

  1. Cousin Says:

    what about your favoite cousin?

  2. ramada Says:

    i’ll come to baby sit graycen. is it ok if we’re his entourage?

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