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Graycen with his new shoes.

Graycen with his new shoes.


I don’t know where it came from or how it started but pretty early into motherhood I grew a fondness for infant shoes in silver. More accurately, adorable silver shoes for a little lad. You would think that they aren’t easy to find and perhaps they aren’t yet somehow I keep stumbling into them. However this summer I was certain I would change things up and seek out something different. I was thinking… gold. Well, that thought never took off. 


Then a few months back I found myself at a grown up shoe store looking for your standard toddler shoes. I do live in New York City which means sometimes the selection isn’t so standard but in the end we left with a pair of gray Nikes. It was a disappointing purchase – boring cookie cutter shoes. But just last week that all changed. So this morning when I dressed my son for an outing to the playground I was bouncing with pure giddiness. It had finally happened, I found my son another pair of perfectly adorable silver shoes. I love them and once agin my little guy is oozing with style. And yes, I fully admit that the day my son wants to pick out his own clothing will be a sad day for this mama. 


Past shoes we’ve owned include these (but the boy version).


Infant Track Shoes in Silver

Infant Track Shoes in Silver

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