green hobnail glassware, image via country living

green hobnail glassware, image via country living

I have a small collection of cake stands. It’s a collection that I anticipate will grow as the years pass. It’s the type of collection that I hope I can pass on to my someday daughter. But I’m not picky about this sort of thing and if that plan never pans out, I’ll settle for a wonderful daughter-in-law.

I’m not certain how practical it is for one person to own a plethora of cake stands, let alone one person living in a New York co-op. Thankfully, not everything about life has to be practical.

I’ve held off on telling my husband this but I have big plans for starting a few more collections. Like modern day glass milk jugs that resemble those from an era when milk was delivered to your door. I have simply fallen in love with them and I can already envision lining up a row of fifteen or so. I would sit them on my window sill  where the sunlight can beam in and then ever so gently flicker off the water that fills them. And for that added beauty, each jug would contain a perfectly picked flower. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Tell me, what impractical things do you collect? 


shatto milk

shatto milk


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3 Responses to “collections”

  1. Cousin Says:

    what about your cousin…:)

  2. ramada Says:

    your cake stand collection are super impractical i must say!

    i am also a collector: bangles, hair accessories for french twists, thomas the trains and tracks, cookbooks, baby dvds, michael aram stuff, creamy blue/green glass vases, little blue russian figurines to celebrate the chinese new years, and used to collect postcards. the urge to collect has been humbled by lack of space and now its gotten super practical/small!

  3. beautifuliving Says:

    Looks like you collect some good stuff. It’s fun to see what others are into.

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