a subway ride

new york subway
new york subway
new york subway

new york subway


It’s August.

It’s hot, horribly hot (!!).

I can’t think of any place worse then an underground platform in New York City while waiting for the train during rush hour. If you’ve never experienced it, consider yourself lucky. 

Though I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make some effort to see the bright side and there is a bright side. Today that would be having clarity about a project I’ve been thinking long and hard about and feeling really confused about it. But then today I had a light bulb moment – I’m thankful for that. And the light bulb wasn’t really the light bulb answer I was expecting or wanting but getting that clarity makes it all o-kay. And because Graycen is my world I can’t let this moment pass without saying that I’m grateful he finally stopped crying and allowed the sleep fairies to take him to the land of dreams.  

 Can you spot the blue bird in the photo’s above? Hint, you can see it here for a better idea of it’s placement.

One Response to “a subway ride”

  1. Frederic B. Says:

    I enjoy reading your thoughts.. The blog is beautiful! Keep living beautifully..

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