july recipes: oreo pie


yummy goodness, oreo pie

yummy goodness, oreo pie

yumminess, oreo pie

yumminess, oreo pie


Each month I try and bake one new recipe and cook one new dish. Well July was almost a bust on both fronts. I didn’t even give it much thought. Then I got invited to dinner with six lovely girlfriends and found myself scrambling to make something. I was asked to either bring wine or dessert. Well I’m a margarita drinker, not a wine drinker, so I opted to bring dessert. Whatever I decided to take to dinner I knew I had to make it after work, and after an appointment, so it had to be easy. I decided to attempt an Oreo Pie I had seen on this blog. I’m so happy I did. It was easy to make, we’re talking 20 minutes total. I added in a few changes to the recipe such as using a chocolate pie crust rather then an Oreo pie crust and I dolloped a thin layer of whipped topping onto the finished product. 

The end result was a lovely creamy yummy pie. I did not do an Oreo on top for decoration as I find that after it’s refrigerated the Oreo gets spongy which isn’t my thing. But still, visually I think it needed something else. Needless, everyone seemed pleased and I think they were being honest (but you never know with girlfriends). My husband on the other hand wasn’t diggin’ it but he isn’t into pie so don’t give his comment much thought. I highly recommend this for a summer treat if you want something that is easy to make and refreshing to eat. It’s not going to have the wow factor of a labor intensive pie that takes hours to bake but that’s o-kay in my book. Aren’t summer days suppose to be easy and relaxing? So why not make an easy relaxing pie, you know.

If anyone has any suggestions on easy recipes that are delicious, please direct me towards them. The less ingredients the better and of course, it has to be yummy. 

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3 Responses to “july recipes: oreo pie”

  1. Clare Says:

    This is mean! Don’t show me pie and oreos… I will make one and then I will eat it all! Maybe I should invite friends round too, that way I will feel obliged to offer it round. Thanks for the link to the recipe. From the photos I think it looks beautiful as it is.

    My favourite easy dessert is summer pudding. You just have to remember to make it the night before if possible. http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/galleries/summer-fruits-soft-options/summer-pudding.html

  2. Chris@Celebrations At Home Says:

    This looks like heaven on a plate!

  3. The Sale Rack Says:


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