supper in brooklyn

image by Karen Mordechai

image by Karen Mordechai

I went with my wonderful husband to Sunday Suppers last weekend. It’s all a bit surreal at this point since images from the event seem to be all over the blogosphere. My inner giddy voice just keeps squeaking “I was there…. I WAS THERE!” 

Since I’m probably the 100th person to write about it I’ll keep it simple and just say this. The space was big yet intimate and had views that made you stop, be still and take it all in. And when you caught yourself you realized you were surrounded by amazing people. It was such a perfect evening with kind, talented and easy going folks. To all those that were involved, thank you for such a wonderful night. 

I must add that I even met Amy Atlas. She is as charming and pleasant and had the funniest story about her sons loving the Barefoot Contessa. My husband said I gushed a bit too much and he’s right but I think she handled my babbling well. 

I didn’t take too many photos since I was in the company of real photographers and it seemed a bit silly. In total I snapped three images which is fine since just as I thought, it wasn’t a big deal ….  photos seem to be everywhere.


dinner table

dinner table


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2 Responses to “supper in brooklyn”

  1. Chris@Celebrations At Home Says:

    Lucky You! It all looks and sounds so lovely.

  2. summer co-op party : Party Perfect Says:

    […] by Amy Atlas) last week that has had the blog world abuzz…see her write-up of the event on her blog. Leave a […]

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